Kim Styles Jeweller

Kim was one of the competitors on season 1 of the jewellery making program'All that Glitters' on BBC2. She graduated from Sir John Cass in London with an honours degree in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Alied Crafts in 1987 and has been making jewellery ever since. For the last 15 years she has had her own small business, but prior to that she worked in various manufacturing jewellers in London, Surry and Hampshire. She recently moved to the Isle of Wight and is working hard to establish herself there. You can find KIm's jewellery in three Isle of Wight galleries, one gallery in Devizes and one in Fordingbridge in the New Forest. Leeds Gallery with be added to this list in 2023.

She prides herself on her organic, non-traditional style. It is important to Kim to hand make her pieces, bringing the metal to life using both silversmithing and jewellery techniques. Kim works in only recycled precious metals.

Her botanical pieces are one-of-a-kind. Kim feels her love of nature and the natural world shows in her work, as does her love of her job. She does not try to copy nature but to celebrate it in the best way she knows how, using her hands and precious metals as her medium. Kim is inspired by nature and the natural world, almost all of the pieces she makes are one offs, carefully reproduced examples of flowers and botanical subjects often so lifelike that a trained botanist will recognise the flower. But Kim introduces something extra, these beautiful pieces are not mere copies, but paintings in precious metal that capture the essence of the flowers she is inspired by, her work has echo’s of Monet and the poetry of Tennyson.  Kim can often be seen sketchbook in hand walking across the Isle of Wight downs and Tennyson’s garden so loved by the Poet and of course Kim herself.

Being a lover of nature and immersed in the natural world, Kim is very aware of the fragility of the planet and the environment around her that inspires her to create so all her work is made from carefully selected ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals.